Hi! Nice to see you again, just making sure you are still ok with our ToS ;)
Ahoj, jen se ujistujeme, ze stale souhlasis s nasimi podmikami ;)

General Terms and Conditions of Use

0. Server shall reffer hereafter to all servers and websites linking to this list of General Terms and Conditions.
1. Provision of this server does not grant any right or warranty to the User.
2. User shall not intentionally cause harm to the Server or any users in any way outside of the Minecraft world.
3. User shall not act in any socially unacceptable way while using this server.
4. The Server Administrator shall be the sole arbiter in disputes between players, and his decision shall be final.
5. Everything built upon the Server shall be subject to the Creative Commons Licence v4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode)
6. Users may copy anything built on this server.
7. Users shall not claim authorship of any work, which is not their own.
8. The Administrator and his Assignees shall have complete authority over this Server and Users shall not attempt to reverse their decisions.
9. User shall be responsible for the complete Terms and Conditions posted at the time of use.
10. The Server may collect whatever data is available to it concerning all users and accounts.
11. Administrator and Assignees may revoke privileges of Users at their discretion, including banning Users.
12. User shall not disclose any confidential information to the Server, Administrator, or other Users.
13. Server and Administrator may use any information disclosed by Users in any way.
14. If Users decide to transfer funding to the Server, then the Server Administrator may use these funds at his discretion.
15. The User hereby waives and assigns to Administrator any rights granted by law or regulation or contract, concerning this Server and any data related to it.
16. All users and others visiting websites linking to this list of Terms and Conditions shall comply with everything written above.